MARCXELL PRODUCTION is a company whose mission is to promote the music, film and concert in the world. Our company offers artistic services to theaters, businesses, production, engineering, mix, festivals, concert, record and individuals on topics as varied as Pop, Blues, R&B, Disco, Brazil, Cuba (sound, salsa), the Caribbean, Africa, Gospel, Jazz Manouche, the Indian, Celtic, the Piedmont blues, Flamenco, Cajun an
d Zydeco music, Gypsy Jazz, Swing Hawaiian music Klezmer, Maloya, Oriental pop, Australian blues, Latin jazz ...


MARCXELL PRODUCTION aims to facilitate intercultural dialogue by offering artistic activities on the theme of world music. Representing all world music MARCXELL PRODUCTION brings together artists, companies, bands, entertainers and professional teachers in a single structure emphasizing their complementary talents.

All members defend the same common values they express through music and dance: the rapprochement of peoples, the need to work for peace, the right to be different, the struggle against inequality and discrimination and solidarity commitment. They are also recognized for their motivation and their ability to develop socio-cultural projects for all, based on respect, tolerance and acceptance of the other and that highlight their culture of origin.


North or South, the West or the East, music and dance play an important role in all cultures. They accompany every moment of life, from birth to transition to the afterlife.
They are universal languages that facilitate communication between peoples. Music and dance play an essential role in the search for identity ... Who among us, far from home, has not felt the need to listen or dance to the music of his native land?

It is from this observation that MARCXELL PRODUCTION was born. production-12If it'is a place for exchanges and meetings for anyone interested in music and world dance, its primary objective is to promote intercultural dialogue through artistic expression that are the music and dance.


The original MARCXELL PRODUCTION got its start in Nice (France) and Monaco. The name "MARCXELL PRODUCTION" actually got its name from the founder and owner, started it in his house after converting a bedroom into a little project studio. The house itself is an older house built with stone on all sides of the house, hence "M.Disque" or "MARCXELL PRODUCTION."

The daugter of Mr. John Kamin Marcxell (Barbara Marcxell) pushed him hard to get back into music after a long hiatus, John started out recording bits and pieces music for his own personal enjoyment on an old Tascam 8-track analog recorder. Friends would call upon him to ask if he and long-time friend Jacques Theophile to record their music as well, since Earl at the time had all the "ho mafie therese." With miles of cable strewn all about the house, John and Jacques would use any room they could get the snake to reach, as "isolation" booths (including the bathrooms.)

Eventually mister John Kamin Marcxell decided to record his own solo album "soleil" using the Tascam 8-track. John had written enough tunes to compile an album that he could release on his own. At this time, John had secured more and more equipment, better microphones, and had practiced several techniques in the art of recording. After "Femme je t'aime", John, decided to make the studio a viable business in France and now it will be open in Florida, USA.

MARCXELL PRODUCTION, provides the best in recording services; everything from full albums to one-song demos, to voice-overs. Here are just some of the services we offer in detail:


MARCXELL PRODUCTION provides 24 tracks of professional digital recording. Utilizing Hi-8MM digital tape media on Tascam Digital recorders, we can capture your sound digitally for the best possible sonic transfer. We can record one track at a time or all of them at the same time, or anything in between. With Digital recording, the ability to fix "oopsies" (mistakes) with digital / flying / real-time punch-ins means a better quality product for you at a lower cost.

For those who need them, MARCXELL PRODUCTION has a custom-built Premier 5-piece drum set for clients to use at no extra charge. MARCXELL PRODUCTION normally does not furnish other instruments except in certain cases. Contact us for specific information concerning other instruments.


production-8From one-song demos of just you and guitar, to a full band recording an entire album, MARCXELL PRODUCTION provides the tools and experience necessary to customize your project to your specific needs. We'll record your work and give you the finished product on a CD.


Ever go to one of those Karaoke bars? Do you just love to sing? Ever wondered what that song would sound like if it were you singing it? Well now you can do it! Just bring your favorite karaoke CD's and your voice, we'll do the rest. With our top-notch gear, microphones, and effects you'll get a professionally produced CD of the song(s) with your voice at a special Karaoke rate! Don't settle for cassette tape recording at a shop inside a mall, come to MARCXELL PRODUCTION and get it done right!


With our isolation rooms, and some of the best microphones available on the market, production-6
MARCXELL PRODUCTION can record your Spoken-Word, or Voice-over project easily and efficiently. From commercials to public service announcements or for your specialized project, we can do it. By utilizing our equipment and knowledge, you will walk away with professional product.


Don't see your specific application listed here? Then please contact us and let us know if we can help you! We are flexible and can probably meet your needs!

Editing, mixing, mastering, vocal tuning, special FX. Since 2005 we take songs from rough recordings and we develop them collaborating with the artist to pull out all the potential.

Moreproduction-5 than 10 years of HIP HOP and ELECTRONICA (our specializations) mixing and mastering, especially on unique vocal processings, extreme sounds for EDM, house and techno. We are beatmakers and composers as well.

SPECIAL FX ear for HIP HOP / TRAP / R&B and any other "urban" genre is one of our top services, we like everytime try new tricks in post-mixing (more than classic stops, reverses, stutters, "vinyl fx", psychedelic delays and reverbs, filters...) if you need your track moving, you'll have your fun!

MARCXELL PRODUCTION: Instrumental production for HIP HOP, ELECTRO POP, POP, HOUSE, EDM, ELECTRONICA, COMPLETE SOUDNTRACKS... our partner musicians will help you, and will discuss directly with you while working on your music.

THE TEAMproduction-14

Michael Dark and John Kamin Marcxell made sound engineer since the beginning of 2000`s, started studying and experiences with a great amount of albums recorded, mixed and mastered. In 2005 begins working with Simone Giuliani from Italia, experienced engineer, with passion, research, and always experimenting new things.

MARCXELL PRODUCTION studio in Florida FL, features the finest in analog tape and digital recording, giving you results that will make your day, production-1without punching a giant hole in your budget!

Owner John Kamin Marcxell, offers engineering, mixing, in-house production and arranging, and a large pool of VERY talented musicians and vocalists. And really good coffee. All in an atmosphere that’s relaxed and comfortable, just like a pair of loafers - just ask the guy sitting to your right.

Rock, R&B, Gospel, Dance, Folk, Jazz, Classical - no matter the style, MARCXELL PRODUCTION has the experience, studio gear, and know-how to make your musical project come alive.

Mac Pro 2.8 GHz Quad-Core
Apple Logic 9
Pro Tools 9
48 channels I/O

Neumann U87
Soundelux U195
2 AKG 460
3 Zygma CHI 251 pair
Pearlman TM1
2 Audio Technica 4050
4 Sennheiser 421
2 Beyer M88 & 201
Joly 205 ribbon mic
2 TGX 2802
Oktava MC012 (cardioid & omni)
2 Earthworks SR77
Telefunken AR-51LE
Audix D6
2 Neumann KM184
2 ADK audiophile series TL
2 ADK A51
2 AudioTechnica 4041
Sterling Audio ST31
Peluso CEM 6
4 Shure SM57

Korg MS2000 & Wavestation EX
Yamaha Motif & Motif rack
Korg Triton rack
Studio Electronics SE-1
Roland D-50 & 2 Roland JV 1010
2 Yamaha SPX 90
Alesis DM Pro
Akai 3000 w /32 MB
Sample Cell II w/32 MB
Kurzweil K2000RS w/40 MB
Roland MKS 70 & Roland JV 880
OB Matrix 100
Korg M1R
Studio Logic 88-key weighted controller.

 COMPRESSORS 42 Channels by:
Neve, SSL, Manley, Crane Song, Tubetech, SPL, Focusrite, Empirical Labs, UREI, Aphex, DBX, Presonus, Audio & Design Recording, Dane Optical De-esser, DBX De-esser, SPL Transient Designer Oram, Fink Audio, Black Lion Audio

Otari Concept I w/ 80 channels, 4-band sweep EQ,
moving fader automation, 10 aux sends & full metering.
Focal Twin 6
Yamaha NS10m
Optimus 7 Av
AKG 240 Headphones
Furman HD6
6 Sennheiser 212 headphones

Kurzweil KSP8w/RSP8 remote
Lexicon PCM 90
TC M3000
Roland SRV330
ventide H3000 & H949
2 Yamaha SPX 90
Electrix Filter Factory
Dynacord DRP20
Symetrix 606 Dual Delay
TC D2 Dual Delay

ascam ATR 80 2" 24-Track

EastWest Quantum Leap Goliath
Ivory Garritan String, Jazz & Big Band
Waves Lin Eq
L2 Lin Multi Band Compressor
PSP Vintage Warmer, Xenon, Neon, Neon HR & Mastercomp
Bias Sound Soap Pro
Drumagog ESX 24 w/absurdly large library
BFD 1 & 2
2 MOTU MTP AV & MOTU Midi Express
Opcode Studio 3 Interface
Kontakt 3 & Kore Players

Studio Hourly Rate

60$ /hour
The Studio rate includes use of the equipment, studio, engineer, drums, and available instruments. This rate does not include tape costs.

Studio Block Rate

50$ /hour
To receive this rate, you must book an eight hour session. You don't necessarily have to use all eight hours in one shot.

Karaoke Sessions

25$ /hour
Rate to record you and your karaoke music. Includes engineer, recording your karaoke CD to our master tapes, and the availability of best microphones we have to provide you a top-notch REAL recording of you singing to your favorite music.

DA-88 8-Track Master Tape

20$ /each
The Master Tapes are what you will record on. For 24 tracks, you will need 3 tapes. When you buy the Master tapes, you own them, and can take them with you. Though it is not required, it is recommended that you purchase your master tapes in order to keep your original tracks.

DA-88 Master Tape Rental

5$ /each
If you choose not to purchase your master tapes, you can 'rent' the master tapes for the duration of your project.

DAT Tapes

15$ /each
MARCXELL PRODUCTION uses DAT format for final Mix-Down. Though not required, it is recommended that you purchase the DAT tape of your final un-mastered mixes.


10$ /each


5$ /each

Before you record!

These are some tips and suggestions that years of experience have production-11taught us. These will help you save time and money.

Rehearse! Rehearse!

You've heard it before, and you'll hear it again.
Not very many people like to practice playing the same song over and over again. But, we've found that the best recordings come from those who know their songs, backwards and forwards, to where they know every painstaking part.

You'll want to rehearse at least a couple of days before the session. Work out your intros, endings, any dynamic sections of the songs, production-10and your solos. Get these down so that you are comfortable with them, and know them well. Rehearse your songs, don't just jam (unless your jams really are just as good as the Grateful Dead.)

We can not stress how important practicing is. You will get a much better product if you know your tunes, and everyone knows their parts. If you wait until you come in to the studio to work out intros, etc... you will be draining the energy out of all the artists involved, you will waste your time, and most importantly, you will waste money. If you want to use the studio as a glorified rehearsal hall, that's fine with us, but you should know that the clock is running!

  UAE: +9715-6181-1230
  FRA: +33-62-547-2347
  USA: +1-404-865-1764
  17, Rue Édouard VII,
    Opéra Vendôme,
    Paris, France,